GrayMatter Networks announces Brainbox Version 2.0

GrayMatter Networks is proud to announce Version 2.0 of its highly acclaimed BrainBox platform. For the past year, our development and support teams have worked hard to produce this latest version based on customer feedback and requests, adding industry forward-thinking features.

Key features added to version 2.0 include:

  • Support for FreePBX 14
  • Multi-Hotel Support / Multi PMS Support
  • Live, traceable, and filtered logs from the GUI
  • Consolidation of all logs into single file
  • Complete new look and feel; a more intuitive Hotel Menu GUI
  • Built-in template based auto provisioning for Vtech Room phones
  • Full UHLL Interface Support (PMS)
  • Serial port PMS emulation of legacy systems
  • Upgraded user log tracking for accountability and training
  • Hospitality Voicemail (Separate from FreePBX Voicemail)
  • Embedded Tick Sheet Feature
  • Built-in wireshark tracing for troubleshooting

Please come to booth 1014 in Hitec, Minneapolis to view a demo and get a full list of all the BrainBox features.

About GrayMatter Networks

GrayMatter Networks was born out of an emergency response team during Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Since we solved that telecommunications disaster, we have provided operational support, end-to-end engineering and ridiculously smart VoIP solutions to the hospitality, transportation and healthcare industries. With 50+ years of combined IT experience, GrayMatter Networks is the leader in information technology. Make the intelligent decision and put a brain in your network today.

For more information, visit or visit Booth 1014 at HITEC Minneapolis 2019.