Roxy Voice-Activated Assistant teams up with GrayMatter Networks

 Speech enabled device + PBX system enables hotels to streamline in-room technology strategy


Roxy and GrayMatter Networks team upNEW CITY, New York – June 14, 2018 – GrayMatter Networks, ( provider of the BrainBox intelligent VoIP system, is integrating with Roxy (, the speech enabled device designed specifically for hospitality that provides fully customizable in-room concierge services. This partnership will enable hotels to consolidate their in-room devices and make calls directly through Roxy’s voice-activated virtual assistant device.

The integration of Roxy with GrayMatter Networks’ intelligent voice platform comes following the largest year of growth ever in the smart speaker market. Strategy Analytics reports that in 2017 the smart speaker market grew 300%, and that it is projected to continue growing as more and more consumers integrate these new technologies into their lives. GrayMatter Networks is positioning itself to be able to tap into this market by developing its integration with Roxy, demonstrating GrayMatter Networks’ commitment to bringing the best new technology to its users.

“GrayMatter Networks has always been about using the best tools available to bring hotels the best results. Integrating our network with Roxy’s intelligent speech-enabled devices will brings guests and hotels the most positive experience possible today”, states David Maayani, GrayMatter Networks CTO.

“Combining Roxy’s intelligent, hotel-specific AI with GrayMatter Networks’ voice system will allow hotels and guests to connect with each other more easily and get the information they need faster” states Cam Urban, CEO of Roxy.

Roxy provides an easy-to-use web portal which enables hotels to develop their own custom personas representing their brand, information and services. Phone functionality can be added through a software update.

GrayMatter Networks will demonstrate the Roxy device in Booth 2335 at the upcoming HITEC conference in Houston, from June 18 to 21 ( For information, please contact and

About Roxy

Roxy is a speech enabled device that provides fully customizable in-room concierge services. The device is built from the ground-up for the hotel industry. Guests use the device by asking a question or making a request. Roxy intuitively understands the request or question and responds immediately. In addition to improving the guest experience Roxy helps hotels eliminate in-room devices, increase efficiencies in guest services delivery and generate Revenue.

About GrayMatter Networks

GrayMatter Networks was born out of an emergency response team during Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Since we solved that telecommunications disaster, we have provided operational support, end-to-end engineering and ridiculously smart VoIP solutions to the hospitality, transportation and healthcare industries. With 50+ years of combined IT experience, GrayMatter Networks is the leader in information technology. Make the intelligent decision and put a brain in your network today.

For more information, visit or visit Booth 2335 at HITEC Houston 2018.