In order to provide a white-glove experience to Guests, Hotel Colleagues and all users of our systems, our NOC team is putting into place the following procedures and escalations.

To contact our support team, you can use the following between 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Monday to Friday.

Phone: +1 (646) 401-0830 option 1
Skype: graymatter networks


Our service level guarantees for trouble issues reported is as follows:

Impact Level Rooms/Phones affected Maximum
Response time
Issue Type Notification List
Low (P4) Less than 5% 1 business day Information Requests, General Query, Non-time dependent issues
+1(646)401-0830 option 1
Skype: graymatternetworks
Medium (P3) Less than 25% 1 business day Technical (Minor Disruption)
High (P2) Less than 75% within 6 hours Technical (Significant Disruption)
Critical (P1) Over 75% within 4 hours Technical, Power Outage (Entire or Multiple Properties) (in addition to methods listed above)
+1(646)401-0830 option  9

Escalation Path
If you make a determination that based on the severity of an issue it requires escalation, the following steps should be taken, in order:

  • Reply to the automated ticket email requesting escalation
  • Call  +1(646) 401-0830 option 1

If further escalation is needed, or it is determined that a 100% system failure has been encountered,

and please call us immediately:

Ticketing System

All issues forwarded to during off hours will be attended by GrayMatter Networks support team based on impact level and within the Maximum Response Time as listed above.

Requestor will receive a notification from support that a ticket has been created for their concern and will include a ticket number – The notification email will have a subject header of [Support #nnn] in which all correspondence should be made.

Specific Terms

GrayMatter Networks strives to limit the time during which the Services are not available to our Customer (“Downtime”). GrayMatter Networks tracks downtime through its ticket system. Downtime is measured from the time Customer opens a Downtime ticket to the time the affected Service is restored. GrayMatter Networks will respond to Downtime according to the above matrix. This SLA does not apply to call quality.

GrayMatter Networks will not be held to SLA terms when the Downtime results from (i) Customer’s use of the Services contrary to the terms of the MSA or Service Order; (ii) failure of equipment not owned and controlled by GrayMatter Networks; (iii) Routine and urgent maintenance; or (iv) the unavailability of Customer’s personnel.

From time to time, GrayMatter Networks may be required to perform Maintenance on services, products and equipment. Routine Maintenance refers to standard upgrades to the Services and other efforts to maintain the functionality of the Services.  Urgent Maintenance refers to efforts to restore material Service outages.

Customer understands and agrees that Routine and Urgent maintenance may affect the quality and availability of the Services.  GrayMatter Networks endeavors to schedule and perform routine maintenance between the hours of 12:00 a.m.- 6:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5).

In the case of routine maintenance, a service notification shall be sent via email to the customer giving at least 3 business days notice as to the maintenance and what effect it shall have on the products and services.

In the case of urgent maintenance, GrayMatter Networks will use all commercially reasonable efforts to inform the customer via email of the maintenance being performed and affect on products and services as quickly as possible.